Our Story

They say dreams come from inspiration, but Drip Nail started when the founder Brianna got divorced and became a single mother and couldn’t find the time to get her nails done. Press On Nails became a trend in which she would make them herself and wear it often due to a busy schedule, it was convenient and she could slay! Many people complimented our nails and would be in total shock when they were told their false nails. We began attracting people inquiring about our nails because realistically they didn't look like fake nails.

She started doing nails in 2018, acquired a nail license and converted a school bus into a beautiful luxurious mobile nail salon. That mobile salon became the hub where we hand paint/design the nails we sell today.

Our brand is about producing the most realistic nails possible, with quality designs. When you look good, you feel good! Mental health is important for the betterment of yourself and the world around you. Drip Nail is here to improve your confidence and provide convenience to your life with our professional products and love for design. 

While today, you might be experiencing real life situations don't let it stop you from creating and experiencing the beautiful life you desire. Save time with fake nails, and have more time making memories while you look good. - I know you see drip!