1.Will press on nails damage my nail plate?

No, the only way to damage your nail plate is to actually cause an injury to the nail. Applying artificial nails to your nail bed cannot damage your nails.

2.How long do Drip Nail press on nails last?

They can last between 5-14 days depending on your application and what form of adhesive you are using. If you use the sticky adhesive tabs, you will only get 1-2 day wear. It is highly recommended that you use the glue provided as the nails will last anywhere from 5-14 days with proper application and care of your nails.

3. Are press on nails reusable?

Yes, you may reuse your press on nails as many times you like. 

4. Will my natural nails continue to grow with artificial nails?

Yes, your nails will continue to grow, because they cannot stop growing.