Honestly, I Must Have My Nails Done 100% of The Time.

Honestly, I Must Have My Nails Done 100% of The Time.

Talk about an obsession! Honey, us ladies are obsessed with everything “nails”. Since obtaining my nail license in 2018, the nail industry has evolved so much from trendy designs to 3D nail art, but also gaining the exposure it deserves in the entertainment industry. We can thank a lot of nail technicians, brands, and celebrities for bringing more attention to just how creative and versatile the many forms of nail application can be. 

Ladies today change their nails like they do clothes, it’s more than just an aesthetic, it’s literally a part of our personality. It speaks to the part of our femininity that screams freedom. You know that freedom of being — “DUH” the baddest bih in the room. Yasss!! 

From the clacking noise when you tap, type or text; there is nothing better than getting a Fresh New Set! I mean the nail technicians today are skilled, creative, artistic, risky, glittery, and Swarovski stoned TF out! And I’m here for it. Everyday as a nail technician, is the feng shui to my life.

Talk about balancing my yin and yang, nails are not just a cover up over plain fingernails, with the hopes of gaining the male attention. Honey, looking down at your nails is therapeutic, makes us women smile to see a work of art. The beautifully intricate designs well shaped, and tailored to our own hands…our own identity.

Nonetheless, my new found favorite trends are converted skoolies into Mobile Nail Salons and the rise of Press On Nails. Since the arrival of the pandemic, the nail industry saw a 45% increase in women Being their own bosses, and taking control of their confidence by doing their own manicures at home. Since then women all across the world have started making/selling their own custom designed Press On Nails that can be found on websites like: etsy, amazon, facebook groups and more.

Tik Tok gave rise to the before and after journeys of women buying short school buses and converting them into creative or luxury mobile salons. Think about yourself in your community attending an event with music, entertainment and Food Trucks. You’re at your favorite Mexican taco truck grabbing a savory, flavorful corn tortilla carne asada or at your favorite barbecue joint & BOOM! A nail bus right next door, Baby! When I finish this food, I am getting my nails slayed! Say What! Talk about a dream come true.

There has been countless conversations on the topic of nails in the market, whether we will see a decline in sales or an uproar. One thing is for certain, us ladies are not going to STOP getting our nails done. Most importantly the press on nails are becoming more trendy and available in a variety of styles. From hand painted nails designs from custom character sets, colorful/vibrant colors; let’s not forget Halloween is coming and the “GWORLS” will be delivering. So just how are press-on nails the new IT Factor?

Women and men today all over the world are consumed by the daily demands of life. We have hard working mothers and fathers, all trying to provide a sustainable living for their families. Want more time with your family and friends? Tired of spending tons of time and money on nails from the nail salon? Tired of nail techs that require deposits, & appointments? Nail techs that limit their services/availability? Want to be able to switch your nail designs like you switch your panties? Honey press-on nails are what you need. There is a list of brands you can choose from; this is the part of your life where you get to experiment and have fun, add the joy back into your life with instant manicures that last. Did I say Last! Yes, press on nails today are lasting longer than they did before with proper prepping of the natural nail and the application you can get 14-21 days wear out of them. Press on Nails no longer have to be made out of plastic; they now can be 100% acrylic. So dive into some of the brands by a simple google search or check out some I have listed in this blog. Chatty nails can’t wait to chat with you again and our next post. See you there.

  • Marmalade Nails
  • Drip Nail
  • Kiss Nails
  • Clutch Nails
  • Static Nails
  • Kiara Sky Nails

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